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historical furniture

We are unique

We are the joinery that can produce authentic replicas of historical furniture.

The historical furniture we produce respects the historical period in detail, we can distinguish even the smallest details of individual styles, so that the result is completely authentic.

For each order, we will prepare high-quality project documentation with every detail of the carving drawn into the drawing.

We will make you a single piece of period furniture as well as more extensive interiors, including furnishing entire buildings, castles, historic estates.

Assortment of historical furniture

We are familiar with all historical styles from Gothic to Empire. We have extensive background on the typical features of each period, including regional differences. We can imitate the deep plasticity and dynamics of carving. If you have a set of historical furniture that is missing some element, e.g. a chair, we are able to faithfully complete it. The historical furniture we produce decorates not only castles and historical buildings, but also stylish restaurants, cafes, libraries, second-hand bookshops, law offices, and golf clubs. Or your home.


We will make you massive beds, beds with canopies, beds with simple lines and richly carved beds. Do you like a monumental Gothic bed, a richly carved Baroque bed, a simple Art Nouveau bed, or an ornate Renaissance bed with all its typical features of this historical period? We can do all this.

Tables and chests of drawers

 Historic bedside tables and chests of drawers effectively and efficiently complement period bedrooms. Do you want a baroque table on decorated legs, with rich carvings and gilding? We can imitate any historical style, so if you want a Gothic table, an Art Nouveau chest of drawers, a Renaissance sideboard, we will be happy to make it all for you. From one piece for your bedroom, to entire sets for your hotel or castle.

Chairs and armchairs

Are you looking for a baroque chair, an art nouveau armchair, or are you enchanted by a renaissance sofa? Do you wish to equip a concert hall with period chairs, or are you looking for a suitable historical sofa for your hunting lodge? We will make you a single baroque armchair, we can make several dozens of almost identical, for example, Renaissance chairs, do not hesitate to write to us, we will be happy to make the given piece of furniture for you.

Panelled carved ceilings and panelling

We can equip your premises and real estate from floor to ceiling. We will make you period coffered ceilings, wooden wall coverings, portals and more.

Coats of arms and decorations

Family coats of arms are not just a typical decoration of castles and chateaux. We will make your family coat of arms, which will be a proud sign in your home or office. Carved details are our specialty, to make a coat of arms we only need a preserved photograph, which we can elaborate and paint in the smallest detail so that it faithfully corresponds to the historical model. Various surface treatments are a matter of course.

This is just a rough list of what we can produce. Therefore, if you haven’t found the specific piece of wood you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re sure we’ll be able to help you.

Types of wood

Not sure what type of wood to pick? We will discuss the details during your ordering process.

You can be sure that we pick the right material suited for the historical period (including the specific location) and purpose. Our wood is always of high quality, appropriate to its purpose, and legally harvested.

Most common hardwood we use:

Order process

MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Historický nábytek Postup zakázky, Návrh

Every piece of furniture we make for you starts with your idea.  We will make a single chair for you, as well as we completely furnish historical interiors such as castles and chateaux, historic residences or ancient buildings. Sofa beds, richly carved wardrobes, carved mirrors, paneled ceilings, mats for hunting trophies.

MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Historický nábytek Postup zakázky, Návrh a Revize

What will help us?

  • Tell us about your style. Do you have a favorite place and time in history?
  • Where will you put it? Use matters. To adopt furniture to your needs, we need to know if you need just home décor, or a heavily used restaurant sofa. Or maybe an original gift?
  • Do you have a favorite type of wood? Let us know!
  • Have you seen something similar? Send us a picture, a link, or maybe tell us the name of the movie where you have seen it.
MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Historický nábytek Postup zakázky, Design

We will polish up your idea

We put your idea on paper. But first, we will discuss, draw, add, delete, and adjust, until we put your exact idea on paper. And we just make it.

MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Historický nábytek Postup zakázky, Kalkulace

We will agree on the price and delivery date

Technical documentation will be created, we will carry out pricing, determine the delivery time and as soon as we agree on this, we can start production.

MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Historický nábytek Postup zakázky, Průběh realizace

We will carve history into furniture

As the production cycle is time-consuming, we can supply you with photos of the production process during the process, if you are interested in.

MAT Interiéry - Nábytek s duší minulých staletí Historický nábytek Postup zakázky, Instalace

Delivery and instalation

We will safely transport all products to you and, if necessary, we will install them.

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